Eli Young Band

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Saturday, 30 April 2022 Portland, ME
  • 9:00 pmShow time
  • 8:00 pmDoor time
  • 30.00Standard Ticket

18+ Show – COVID UPDATE –

As of March 14th, AURA decided to lift all VAX ID and negative test requirements for entry to all events and concerts. If there are any performing artists who request any particular health requirements, we will notify patrons clearly and immediately so you can make your own decision if you wish to attend or not. If patrons would like a mask, we can provide one at entry. We have plenty of hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue as well. We still encourage anyone who feels sick or possesses any COVID like symptoms to take care of themselves and stay at home. We appreciate everyone’s patience over these last two years. Thank you for standing by us and waiting for our full return. We have monitored this virus closely and always followed the recommendations by the CDC for your safety, our staff’s and that of our performing artists. Now that we see the positive forward motion we want to bring people together again through music, social gatherings, fundraisers and business events. The show must go on. Be well and we hope to see you soon at AURA.